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Most of the drama of travelling happens on the road, en route from one place to another, literally and metaphorically. The rapid change in the landscape, the momentarious contact with strangers, the stillness of time, the lasting impression of little things — all seem so easily portable and transmissible. All the baggage that follows me are left to their own fate as I am. But I am fortunate, able to travel healthily and mindfully to places of my wish. I cherish the lack of sleep, the minimal of food, the loneliness of self — in exchange for the greater joy of travel. Along the way, I am conscious of myself inescapably drawn to an invisible mass. At the end of the road, I am usually refreshed, but also amused with a few riddles that I could not solve.

NEW -- July 21, 2010

The beautiful city of Suzhou crisscrossed with narrow water canals