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During my 2006 travel to China, I gathered a load of art materials. Among them are seal stones, seal cutting knives, seal ink pastes, and seal books. Althought I tried carving a little while I was travelling, but it was not until the beginning of last March(2007) that I started to seriously learn seal carving on my own. But, as you can tell from the dates, I have worked on the seals between long breaks. Below are some of the stone impressions that I have done. They are shown actual size (at 72dpi) and arranged with the most recent first. Click to enlarge for a clearer image. For anyone who doesn't know what is seal carving or what is involve in it, this picture of seal materials may explain it.

clay figure of 钟馗 Zhong Kui

Arts and Crafts that I bought along my travels.

篆刻Seal Carving

  • 黄景生印(2009-01-11)
    Seal 2008-12-16
  • 黄景生印(2009-01-09)
    Seal 2008-12-16
  • 景生印(2008-12-26)
    Seal 2008-12-16
  • 景生私玺(2008-12-16)
    Seal 2008-12-16
  • 硬月(2008-11-21)
    Seal 11-21-2008
  • 病后三个月(2008-11-21)
    Seal 11-21-2008
  • 立仁(2007-05-16)
    Picture of 立仁 Seal 05-16-2007
  • 景生(2007-05-08)
    Picture of 景生 Seal 04-15-207
  • 神开鬼道(2007-04-27)
    Picture of 神开鬼道 Seal 04-27-2007
  • 阿生(2007-04-16)
    Picture of 阿生 Seal 04-16-2007
  • 景生(2007-04-15)
    Picture of 景生 Seal 04-15-207
  • 极行亭(2007-04-01)
    link to large seal of 极行亭 04-01-2007