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南京六朝石刻--狮子 Nanjing Six Dynasties Stone Beasts--Lion
江苏Jiangsu 南京六朝石刻Nanjing Stone Beasts-nanjingstonebeasts_1 >>njingBK0010


Nanjing Six Dynasties Stone Beasts--Lion

Picture ID:  njingBK0010
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While hanging around the area, I met a man playing with his pet bird under one of the lions. My hair was about to light-up so I took cover under the shade of the beast rigbt next to the man. The man told me that he had been to Guangdong(where I am from) as a soldier. Now he is retired. He own two of these black birds. The luckless one took a bad turn and bang onto a coming vehicle. This one almost answer the same death wish by perching on live wire. As I sat there for the half hour or so, the little bird just jumped in and out of the platform erratically, hiding behing the legs and coming to my camera and gone in one swift motion. I like to grab its beak and give it a twist.