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南京六朝石刻--麒麟 Nanjing Six Dynasties Stone Beasts - Qilin
江苏Jiangsu 南京六朝石刻Nanjing Stone Beasts-nanjingstonebeasts_1 >>njing0120


Nanjing Six Dynasties Stone Beasts - Qilin

Picture ID:  njing0120
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My hired motor tricycle had to go through rough narrow dirt and gravel paths to get to these two pieces. Starting from the main road, it took about a half hour of twist and turns. These simple vehicles are popular in the countryside as well as in smaller cities. They are small and slow, which made them very suitable for the rough and curvy paths here. Unfortunately they lack a suspension system, so I felt like riding on Han war chariot drawn by two horses. The two qilins form the spirit path to the tomb of the 陈朝Chen Dynasty ruler 陈文帝 Chen Wendi(527-566). Before the two qilins were stone slab identifying them. Not far from this slab was a shelter with a couple of cows in it. It was nice to hear the mooing while I was shooting and wandering around. The nearby dog soon joined in with its barking as well. There was no crops on the soft ground, but it appeared to be slightly tilled.