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上海市 Shanghai City
上海Shanghai 上海市Shanghai City-shanghaicity_1 >>shang0082


Shanghai City

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The stone wall has these characters carved on a stone tablet: 「南京路步行街」"Nanjing Lu Buxing Jie" (Nanjing Road Walkway). This the eastern start of the famous road, which is intersected by 河南中路Henan Zhonglu (Henan Middle Road) and will end with the intersection of 西藏中路Xizang Zhonglu (Xizang Middle Road). Across the Xizang Middle Road are the very large 人民公园Renmin Gongyuan (People's Park), 人民广场Renmin Guangchang (People's Square), and the great 上海博物馆Shanghai Bowuguan (Shanghai Museum) designed in the shape of a large bronze ding vessel.