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宏村 - 南湖 Hongcun village - Nanhu (South Lake)
安徽Anhui 宏村Hongcun-hongcun_1 >>huang0333

宏村 - 南湖

Hongcun village - Nanhu (South Lake)

Picture ID:  huang0333
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At the north end of the causeway is this entrance into the village. This way leads to the 月沼 Yuezhao (Crescent lake). The girls in the back are tour guides. If I remember correctly, all the guides in this company are girls, which is great. The pig legs hanging on the walls are a popular food of the villages in the area. Every household makes them. I tasted them while I was in 南屏 Nanping village. There, a woman offered a bowl of noodle with a few chunks of the meat in it. I don't think the woman's cooking did justice to the pig meat.